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05 July 2013 @ 04:12 pm
Davies Legacy 2.3  

Last time was so long ago that I wouldn't be surprised if you don't remember it.

So I moved the family into a new house, as the old one kept throwing up a fuck ton of glitches.

L-R: Eva, Frannie, Annalisa, Daisy, Travis (slyndsey) & Drogo!

A) Ouch!
B) 3 nice points Frannie! 3!!

Annalisa is still boring and ignored a lot.

Frannie is obsessed with that thing, omg.

And as soon as I tell her to move (So she doesn't, you know, die!) Drogo jumps in there!

I think this is for the twins.

Yeah it is. Eva is up first.

And she gets Fredrick Brain by novusars!
Eva: I paid a lot of money for you, so you'd better be good!

See, I wasn't kidding!

Drogo got Adriana Phelps by lilith_sims. I think we got her for $99, cause I can't remember anyone coming home from work.

Fredrick isn't pleased with Eva, at all.

Drogo sucks as well.

And rolls the least helpful wants ever!!

She still exists.

It took a while, but these two are getting along.

As are these two!

And then Drogo runs from his date... to tuck in his sister, okay dude.

Okay, these two are my least favourites but, d'awww <3

All my babies are growing up

This is gonna sound awful, but meh.

Eeek, I can almost hear the bones coming out of their joints from here.


Eva sneaks out with Fredrick.


Oh... But then the police officer just disappeared anyway.

Peace and quiet!

I hate hobby cards, I don't know why I keep clicking them!

Oh yeah, I forgot about the whole teen/adult thing you have going on.

Jeez, these kids are crap today.

Drogo: But isn't this body worth going to jail for?


No, Frannie. Stay young, forever!!

Oh my God.

Not to be outdone, Eva invites Fredrick over.

Your brother hasn't even had time to wash them sheets yet. Yuck!

Money, money, money, must be funny...


Why are you whinging Frannie? You used to live on a beach, you're kind of dating an older man, you've never gone without. But fine, moan away.

Who it's time to say goodbye to, as she is not the heir!
I'll upload all the kids once I get back onto my PC.


Oh Annalisa got some $$$ as well.

Not gonna lie, I thought I was going to lose Drogo here.

But after a shower, everything is back to normal!

And Eva, who seems to creepily copy everything her brother does, isn't far behind.


Who did this?

Not that anyone cares or anything.

Cutie! ♥

Oh come on, Travis!

oh shit.

This is the second fire in like, five pictures.

But as you can see...

So I had to interrupt Eva and make her phone the fire service.

I'm not growing Daisy up yet, she can do it herself.

Ahhh, & they're not moaning.

Who is not heir, either.

Which leaves our actual heir, EVA! <3

Next time: Generation three! :D

I was going to have a heir-poll but I played ahead too much and chose myself, sorry!
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