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15 April 2013 @ 01:08 pm
Taylor Life Stories [Part Five/Lewis]  

So this is just an update on what Lewis got upto after leaving the family home.

This is Lewis's house.

We invite Katy with a y over. Let the seduction begin...

And then things start going a bit screwy:

But the solution was simple. Take out ACR. It seemed to play nice with Life Stories for so long and then just stopped, but it caused some problems with the main house.
So long ACR :(

Baby jingle!

Katy after a makeover!

You should know this update is mostly going to be just comment-less spam!

See spam! (No, I didn't cheat to get an alien baby *shifty*)

As a hypochondriac I feel that we should always be seen, just in case there is something wrong with us.

I would've preferred money.

Pop 1

Pop 1 (Again.)

Pop 2

Stop it. She's dead! I killed her off, stop!

Pop 2

Baby time!

Just the one, Ben! With his Dad's hair and both parents eye colour.

Skylar turned up that night so I'm guessing he has a sixth-sense as to knowing when his grandchildren are born.

Alien baby time!

Drew! With his grandma's (!!) hair!

Ben - Toddler

Ben - Child

Drew - Toddler

Drew - Child

And that's where I'm leaving it today, Drew & Ben will probably feature when Katie's kids are growing up. I do intend to have an actual update today but it'll have to wait a few hours as I'm meeting a friend for a catch up :)
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