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26 March 2013 @ 12:14 pm
Taylor Life Stories [Part Two]  

Last time: Louise started this legacy off with two children, Lewis and Katie. I kept calling their dad, Skylar, the wrong name. Oh, there was also a burglary and I sped through the whole update.

Louise... you're already engaged.

I moved them into a new house because the old one was getting cramped.

This is me attempting not to speed through and actually document stuff. Hence Katie, becoming the first child to be potty trained.

Stats time:

Yes they have the exact same personality :|

The kids are slightly different, thank goodness.

Louise finally wants to get married. The only reason I didn't at the start was because I wasn't sure how to make sure that Skylar got her last name and I didn't want the 'Taylor' family to be full of well non-Taylors.

She still has a wandering eye though, worst family sim ever.

Then I remembered that I hadn't shown Lewis as a kid, so here he is. Such a cutie <3

Katie ended up glowing throughout the rest of her toddlerhood. Bit freaky, but at least she was in gold or platinum when she aged up.

Louise got caught spying on Fiona Fortuna, which serves Fiona right. (She knows what she did.)

Yeah, you know what else isn't nice Fiona? Corrupting the goddamn story hood!!

These two are proper BFFs, which I didn't expect considering they have six nice points between them! (Awkward angle is awkward.)

This family never learn.

The nanny is useless, what a surprise.

omg stahp, you literally just got one out. After this I turned the fridge round so she'd stop.

I have a bad habit of screen-capping most unimportant things.

These two were being all flirty and Louise still had that want locked so I went ahead and got them married.


Skylar is now offically Skylar Taylor :)
Apparently making Louise the one to initiate it means he got her last name, so at least now I know if I have a male heir.

Go Skylar!

So excited rn!

Katie: So this heir thing is a total no-brainer right?
Pretty much.

Good, she needed them for a promotion anyway.

Lewis got an A+ :)

Why are you two so nice to each other? This doesn't make sense!

I went poking through Skylar's inventory, ka-ching!

So they got a bowling alley, and family bonding time! :D

They still haven't learned.

Stop growing up so fast :'(

I'm pretty sure he wanted to be a Mad Scientist.

Oh dear Katie, you may have competition!
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Samantha Joicklechespin on March 26th, 2013 11:58 pm (UTC)
Great update! :) LOL @ Skylar and Louisme having the same personality :p