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timetosim's Journal

Sims and stuff.
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Sims, sims & more sims!
An archive for e0625/anits_xo/time_to_sim

Why so many name changes?
Well I deleted e0625 after deciding to leave the sims community because I was no longer interested in the game. But then about three months after...
...I made anits_xo but I never really liked the name (It was my nickname backwards, but it never looked right.) so when I made this community I made a new LJ name and deleted anits_xo but now I'm sticking to this. For definite this time!

Other places:
Tumblr (Same downloads that's on here & pic spams.)
Last.fm (Feel free to add!)
Dreamwidth (No longer being updated but has Maxis-Match hair!)
Twitter (Where I have a lot to say.)

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